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Welcome to the future of logo design, where precision meets speed with Logo Grid Generator. This Adobe Illustrator extension is about to change the game, making logo grid creation lightning-fast and highly precise. In this article, we'll explore the impact of "Grid it" on designers' workflows and why it's a game-changer for professionals and freelancers alike.

Designers, get ready to be amazed…

Have you ever wondered how much time professional logo designers spend creating grids for their logos? As it turns out, the answer might surprise you.

Logo grids are a fundamental part of the logo design process, ensuring precision, balance, and consistency.

Before the advent of Logo Grid Generator™ , designers would have to invest a significant amount of time into this crucial step.

The Time-Consuming Process

Traditionally, logo designers would painstakingly create grids for each logo they designed. This process could be incredibly time-consuming, with some designers investing up to 60 minutes or more to create the perfect grid for a single logo.

*I carried out a survery on how long designers spend on logo grids. 32 Minutes was the average time after asking 56 graphic designers

The Breakdown

  • Daily: 32 minutes
  • Weekly: 5 days * 32 minutes = 160 minutes (2.67 hours)
  • Monthly: 4 weeks * 160 minutes = 640 minutes (10.67 hours)
  • Yearly: 12 months * 640 minutes = 7,680 minutes (5.33 days)

Let’s break this down further: Imagine a logo designer creating one logo every day, working five days a week. With a traditional approach, spending 32 minutes on each logo’s grid adds up to 160 minutes per week, which is equivalent to 2.67 hours. Over a month, this amounts to 10.67 hours spent on logo grid creation alone.

The Impact of Logo Grid Generator — Grid it

Now, let’s consider the revolutionary impact of Logo Grid Generator, with an average grid creation time reduced to just 0.6 seconds.

This innovative tool is changing the game for logo designers. With 32 minutes spent on creating each grid (ON AVERAGE), designers can save valuable time without compromising on precision.

Revisiting our earlier scenario, a logo designer using Logo Grid Generator would only spend 160 minutes (2 hours and 40 minutes) on grid creation in a week.

This results in significant time savings, totalling just 10 hours over a month. And even more surprising… 5 days a year.


Logo Grid Generator isn’t just a tool; it’s a time-saving game-changer for logo designers. It’s evident that this innovative tool can help designers reclaim their valuable time while enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of the logo creation process. In a profession where time is money, Logo Grid Generator’s average grid creation time of 32 minutes can make a substantial difference.

Ready to save time and streamline your logo design process? Grid it is available for preorder:

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