The first Logo Grid Generator™ - The start of a new era

Welcome to the future of logo design, where precision meets speed with "Grid it." This Adobe Illustrator extension is about to change the game, making logo grid creation lightning-fast and highly precise.

In this article, we'll explore the impact of Logo Grid Generator on designers' workflows and why it's a game-changer for professionals and freelancers alike.

Why are logo grids important?

In the world of logo design, precision is paramount.

Logo grids serve as the foundation for creating logos that are not only visually appealing but also convey a brand's identity effectively.

Traditionally, crafting these grids manually was an intricate and time-consuming process.

Designers had to meticulously place anchor points, adjust handles, and outline shapes to ensure pixel-perfect alignment.

This level of detail is necessary to maintain the visual harmony and professionalism of the logo especially when presenting..

The first Adobe Extension for logo grids:

Logo Grid Generator marks a significant milestone as the first Adobe Illustrator extension dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the logo grid creation process. It eliminates the need for designers to invest hours in manually crafting grids, making it a groundbreaking tool in the design industry.

With Logo Grid Generator, designers can generate logo grids with incredible speed and precision, revolutionizing the way logos are designed and presented.

How fast is Logo Grid Generator™ ?

The speed at which Logo Grid Generator operates is nothing short of remarkable.

What used to take logo designers an hour or more to accomplish manually, can now be achieved in mere seconds.

This rapid turnaround time means designers can allocate more of their valuable time to the creative aspects of their work, experimenting with design concepts, and pushing the boundaries of their creativity.

Precise Grids Through Anchors, Handles, Outlines & Gridlines:

It doesn't just focus on speed; it ensures that the generated logo grids are precise down to the finest detail.

Designers can fine-tune their logos using anchors, handles, outlines, and gridlines, ensuring that every element aligns perfectly.

This level of precision enhances the overall quality and professionalism of the logo, setting a higher standard for logo design.

Manual grids are time-consuming and tedious

Designers are no strangers to the time-consuming process of creating a logo grid.

It involved meticulously placing anchor points, adjusting handles, and outlining shapes, all while striving for pixel-perfect precision.

The process could be demanding and sometimes frustrating, especially when perfectionism was the goal.

Present like a Pro:

Professional presentation is essential when showcasing logo designs to clients or collaborators. Grid it aids in creating impeccable presentations that leave a lasting impression.

Clients can appreciate the meticulous attention to detail, alignment, and visual consistency, enhancing their confidence in the logo designer's work.

Instant Grids through Anchors, Handles, Outlines & Gridlines

With "Grid it," what used to take an hour now takes mere seconds.

The tool generates logo grids automatically, saving designers valuable time that can be redirected toward the creative aspects of their work.

Make More Money with Your Time as a Freelancer:

For freelancers, time is money, and 'Grid it' offers a unique opportunity to increase both.

With the time saved on logo grid creation, freelancers can take on more projects, deliver high-quality work efficiently, and ultimately increase their earnings.

Moreover, having more control over their time allows freelancers to strike a better balance between their professional and personal lives, enjoying more quality time outside of work while still growing their freelance businesses.


Grid it" confidently revolutionises logo design with lightning-speed logo grid generation, unmatched efficiency, precision, and professional presentation, benefiting designers and freelancers alike.

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